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Phuket Thailand Ecotourism Kayaking and Hiking

What is ecotourism? For Thailand Ecotourism, it means touring with the utmost appreciation for the natural environment with the highest concern for its preservation.

Every aspect of our tours strive to minimize our impact on the fragile ecosystems that we visit.

Our specialty is getting away from other tour operator groups.

We only offer small group tours.

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Even in popular destinations like Phang Nga Bay and Khao Sok National Park, it is still easy to experience solitude if you know where to go.

The peace and tranquility of a canoe is the absolute best way to experience the waters of Thailand's national parks.

We have the only huge fleet of proper sit-inside touring kayaks in the Phuket and Krabi region. 

Our tours are all self paddle kayaking trips.

Kayaking in Khao Sok National Park.Our tours are designed for first-timers and beginners. No experience is necessary for our self paddle kayaking trips. We also have two-person (double) canoes for those who are not sure if they can paddle on their own.

We offer programs that allow you to intimately experience the wildlife, birds, wild edible plants, the jungle, and mountains of Southern Thailand from the comfort and convenience of a traditional canoe, or up the face of a mountain, or on foot as you go hiking through stunning Phang Nga Province (prices listed on this page). We also offer tailor made hiking and jungle survival tours. Check out some of our hiking itineraries

In addition, we offer specialized Tropical Jungle Survival courses and Bushcraft courses.

Customized Tour Destinations

In addition to paddling tours in Khao Sok, you can go mountain climbing or hiking. There are hiking trails of every degree of difficulty.

On foot, you can enjoy the small world in Khao Sok. A wide array of small to minute plants and animals thrive in the thick verdant jungle of the park. It’s a dream for macro photographers or fans of the smaller world of wonders.

Mangrove Pitta imageOur birding tours are fun, educational, and easy. No experience is needed. You don't even have to be a birder, just a nature lover. Serious birders are also welcomed.

Note: the downside to Khao Sok is the possibility of noisy visitors from other tour operators being at the floating bungalows. These are privately owned bungalows, not ours.

The bungalows in Phang Nga Bay are quiet.

Thailand Trekking Tours

If you enjoy trekking, you owe it to yourself to give canoeing a try. You could take any trail in any woodland or mountain in Southeast Asia and have a fair chance of seeing wildlife.

Thailand Ecotourism offers trekking trips in Khao Sok National Park and Phang Nga Province. We appreciate the small world and the best way to experience it is on foot. We offer you the change to experience some of the popular hiking trails or we are happy to go off trail and do original exploratory adventures.

Combination canoeing and trekking offers you the best chance of seeing both the big stuff and the little stuff. It's all available in Southern Thailand.

Long-tailed Macaques

Certification in CPR & First Aid

We spend a lot of time, energy, and money learning the best practices in accident avoidance as well as how do deal with medical care. 

We are certified to international safety standards by international safety organizations.

Dave is an Emergency First Response Instructor, a certified life guard, and a certified rescue technician through the Rescue 3 International organization. View certifications. All of our professional guides are certified in CPR and First Aid through Emergency First Response.

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