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Eco friendly activities in Thailand

Here is an overview of our southern Thailand eco friendly vacation destinations, there is numerous links to further information pages as well.

Leopard, copyright A. J. Lynam

Small groups, private trips, traditional touring kayaks, orientation to proper paddling technique, and visiting islands off the beaten path is our specialty.

Khao Sok National Park Kayaking Vacation Package

Our Khao Sok National Park ecotour expedition is aptly labeled a "soft eco friendly activity".

One of the easiest ways to see the wildlife, birds, and orchids of Thailand is from a comfortable decked kayak.

Leopard photo to the right was taken in Khao Sok National Park, copyright A. J. Lynam.

The massive 165 square kilometer reservoir allows your kayak to slide silently through the thick verdant tropical jungle. The park is over 700 square kilometer in size.

Khao Sok KayakingIt's a comfortable and safe way to explore Thailand's southern tropical jungles.

Hornbills are actually common! We normally see 4 species of hornbills every time we go - Great hornbill, Wreathed hornbill, Bushy-crested hornbill, and the very strange Helmeted hornbill.

Apart from the birds there are Long-tailed macaques, pig-tail macaques, dusky langurs, and White-handed Gibbons seen on most trips.

Wild elephants can still be found in the park and we see them fairly frequently. Check out this YouTube Khao Sok elephant video.

Khao Sok Hiking Options

We also offer hiking and jungle survival courses in Khao Sok. There is a nice Viewpoint Hike, a cascading creek hike or the famous Cave Hike. If you like cave creatures, you'll love this cave.

Floating Bungalows (raft houses)

We stay in unique floating bamboo bungalows on the massive reservoir. These bungalows belong to the national park. They are not our bungalows.  The only real downside to visiting Khao Sok is the noise at the bungalows from other tour operators. We have zero control over this.

Click here to read more about Khao Sok National Park. Click here to see a sample Khao Sok itinerary.Phang Nga Bay kayaking

Phang Nga Bay National Park Kayaking Vacation Package

Phang Nga Bay is one of the most popular tourism destinations in southern Thailand. Every day countless Phuket and Krabi tour operators take tourists to a few popular locations in the Bay. The result is noisy, congested, and chaotic.

Many kayaking tourists visit the famous "hongs" (inner island lagoons) and make the obligatory trip to see "James Bond Island". We avoid these tourist attractions by offering a more eco-friendly tour option. We seek solitude for our guests.

We stay in bungalows on an island with a wonderful view of limestone karat formations spread out before us. We enjoy the laid-back quality of island life.

You also have the option of doing a homestay in a small village.  Check out our homestay image gallery.

We don't camp. It's simply too uncomfortable in the tropics.

Our escort boat is large enough to carry our boats and gear, and has plenty of room under the roof to sit out of the sun between visits to islands.

We offer a very unique day trip and multi-day trips into Phang Nga Bay, for two to eight guests.

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Phang Nga Province Hiking Options

Phang Nga Province, just one hour north of Phuket, offers jungle that rivals that of Khao Sok or anywhere else in SE Asia. There are hiking routes that vary from flat and easy to extremely challenging. There are plenty of stunning waterfalls in this region as well.

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